Rurik Nystrom

Rurik Nystrom,

Areas of Expertise:


History at mapformation, LLC:

redBANG International co-owner Rurik Nystrom and mapformation, LLC Founder and CEO Derek Tonn have known one another for a number of years, discussing numerous ideas for how we can help "all boats rise" related to our collective products and services, as well as our respective clients and expertise in selling within the North American and Southeast Asian markets.

Personal Profile:

Rurik Nystrom of redBANG International brings particular expertise to our team, related to their ability to produce and sell vector map illustrations for tourism and concierge applications in larger cities throughout the world. It’s a reciprocal relationship, as redBANG International utilizes our firm’s illustrators to produce a variety of vector and raster map illustrations for their Top City Guides products, while also selling our firm’s illustration services throughout Southeast Asia.

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