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With over one billion printed units produced since the early 1990s, Z-CARD ® North America offers a great-many varieties of PocketMedia ® solutions for a diverse set of clientele. From colleges, universities, and professional sports to pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies, Z-CARD ® is a worldwide leader in its industry.

mapformation, LLC and Z-CARD ® North America elected to join forces as partners in the Fall of 2010, after realizing the tremendous potential synergy which exists between our two companies. Z-CARD ® has print solutions that are well-proven over the past two decades, but also has an occasional need for assistance related to the development of custom cartographic solutions. Meanwhile, mapformation is one of North America’s largest providers of custom cartography services, and is looking for creative ways to better-serve clients after design work has been completed. As a result of our collaboration, Z-CARD ® North America is now promoting mapformation design services on our behalf, while mapformation is actively promoting Z-CARD ® solutions to its hundreds of existing clients (as well as thousands of prospective clients).

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