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For those individuals who know our Founder and CEO (Derek Tonn) well, you know that other than maps and his wife and daughters, disc golf is one of his greatest passions in life. One of the greatest sports on Earth! And whenever he’s not busy selling map illustrations or being a Dad, you’ll probably find him designing/playing at disc golf courses, encouraging kids and adults to play, encouraging communities to install courses for their residents, etc.

This passion outside of work has gradually become a passion at work as well…with mapformation and DGA, Inc. forging a partnership to design and promote the sale of course maps, signage, and other products that improve the sport of disc golf. There’s not much better in life than having TWO of your loves/passions (maps and disc golf) generate at least a portion of your income! And clients of DGA get our firm’s very-best efforts and a whole lot of love poured into the designs we create on their behalf.

For information on the specific types of maps/signage products available as a result of our partnership with DGA, Inc., please visit: http://www.discgolf.com/disc-golf-tee-signs/

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