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Bordner Aerials – Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, Bordner Aerials has been providing a wide variety of aerial photography services since 1965. Bordner’s wide variety of clientele are nearly as diverse as its services! From new construction and residential real estate development to historical perspectives and advertising materials, Bordner has taken over 100,000 aerial photographs for locations across the continental United States.

Bordner is mapformation’s photographer-of-choice when it comes to the acquisition of aerial photographs that are used to aid in the development of 3D perspective campus maps. Bordner Aerials has done several aerial photo shoots for us across many regions of the United States since early 2002, and the quality of their images has always been second-to-none.

If you ever have the need to hire an aerial photographer to work with you on a project, we would strongly recommend giving George Bordner a call (952-881-1546). We know he will take good care of you!

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