There are a number of professional map associations which provide services to map designers and consumers from across the globe. A handful of those associations are listed below:

  • British Cartographic Society logo The British Cartographic Society (BCS). A dynamic association of individuals and organizations dedicated to exploring and developing the world of maps. Membership includes Mapping companies, publishers, designers, academics, researchers, map curators, individual cartographers, GIS specialists and ordinary members of the public with an interest in maps.
  • Canadian Cartographic Association logo The Canadian Cartographic Association (CCA). Founded in 1975 with the aims of: Promoting interest in maps and related cartographic materials, furthering the understanding and knowledge of maps by encouraging research in the field of cartography, both historical and current, providing for the exchange of ideas and information and for the discussion of mutual concerns, through meetings and by publications, advancing education in cartography and in the use of maps.
  • International Cartographic Association logo International Cartographic Association (ICA). The mission of the International Cartographic Association is to promote the discipline and profession of cartography in an international context.
  • International Map Trade Association logo International Map Trade Association (IMTA). Brings together in one organization, for mutual benefit persons, firms and institutions engaged, directly or indirectly, in the production and sale of maps, globes, travel guides, spatial information and related products and materials.
  • North American Cartographic Information Society logo The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). Founded in 1980, is an organization comprised of specialists from private, academic, and government organizations whose common interest lies in facilitating communication in the map information community.
  • Society of Cartographers logo The Society of Cartographers (SOC). Founded in 1964 at the University of Glasgow and was originally named the Society of University Cartographers. In 1989 the Society adopted a new title and constitution opening up membership to all in the cartographic community. Membership is widely drawn from the education sector, statutory institutions, local authorities, public utilities and the commercial and publishing industry. The majority of the membership is UK based, with an increasing world-wide membership. The Society’s aims also remain constant, that is to support the practicing cartographer and encourage and maintain a high standard of cartographic illustration by providing information and opportunities to meet and exchange views and techniques with fellow practicing cartographers.
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