Yorkhill Week Walk Route Map for Yorkhill Children’s Charity

Yorkhill Children’s Charity

In April 2008, the Scottish Government gave approval to proposals from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for a new hospital development on the south side of Glasgow. A key element of this major project is the building of a new children’s hospital to replace the existing Royal Hospital for Sick Children currently situated at Yorkhill. The Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, which was established in 2001 following the incorporation of Yorkhill Sick Children’s Fund which had been in existence since 1981, eventually became the Yorkhill Children’s Charity in 2013, serving the needs of children…from a broken arm to end of life care.

Staff at Yorkhill Children’s Charity first contacted mapformation in the Spring of 2013, after conducting what they said was an exhaustive search for a great cartography company who might be willing to help them develop a map for one of their primary fundraising events. After several weeks of discussion, our firm was hired to develop a route map for their Yorkhill Week Walk through the streets of Glasgow. Finished artwork was delivered in September 2013.

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