William Jewell College 3D Perspective Campus MapWilliam Jewell College 2D Perspective Campus Map

William Jewell College

Founded in 1849, William Jewell College is a campus of achievement, offering students an outstanding liberal arts education with a unique focus on cultivating leadership within an environment that values Christian ideals and spiritual growth. Jewell is located just 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City, and is perched above the historic town of Liberty, among the beautiful rolling hills of western Missouri.

mapformation worked with the staff of William Jewell College in the Summer of 2003 to develop a new 3D perspective campus map for the institution…a particularly challenging project considering the fact that four of the buildings shown were either partially or totally destroyed by a tornado prior to aerial photographs being taken for the project. The end result is a very aesthetically pleasing map that should effectively serve the institution for many years to come. In the Fall of 2004, mapformation was also hired to develop a new 2D perspective campus map for the institution.

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