William George Agency 3D Perspective Campus Map

William George Agency for Children Services

The William George Agency for Children Services was established by William R. George in 1895 on family property in Freeville, New York area, near Ithaca. From small beginnings, it grew to a co-educational institution with nearly 200 "citizens" in the early 1970’s. Its distinctive self-government, economic system and work program were imitated by junior republics in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and California. There are roughly 110 boys in the eleven cottages of the regular institution, and 60 in Special Services. They come from virtually every community in New York State, referred by probation or social services departments, school districts and the Office of Children and Family Services.

mapformation inherited WGA as a client when our firm acquired Jack’s River Communications in May 2006. At that time, a map of their campus area was currently under development, which our firm worked to complete. Finished artwork was delivered in August 2006.

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