University of Mt. Union 3D Perspective Campus MapUniversity of Mt. Union 2D Perspective Map

University of Mt. Union

University of Mt. Union was founded in 1846 by Orville Nelson Hartshorn as a place where men and women could be educated with equal opportunity, science would parallel the humanities and there would be no distinction due to race, color or sex. Mount Union is proud of its religious heritage and its background in the Methodist Church. For more than a century the College has been officially connected with the Methodist Church. It is now affiliated with the East Ohio, West Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Conferences of the United Methodist Church. The 115-acre campus currently boasts approximately 2,300 undergraduates students, and also has an additional 142-acre nature center.

University of Mt. Union became a client of mapformation in May 2007, after contacting our firm earlier in the month on the recommendation of another client of ours. After discussing potential map design projects for several days, our firm was hired to product new 2D and 3D perspective vector campus map designs for the institution. Finished artwork was delivered in June 2008.

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