Stevens Institute of Technology 3D Perspective Map

Stevens Institute of Technology

John Stevens, a colonel in the American Revolutionary War, purchased from the State of New Jersey in 1784 the land included in the present-day 55-acre campus of the Stevens Institute of Technology, which officially opened its doors to students in 1870. Stevens became the first major educational institution in the United States to implement a personal computer requirement in 1982, and has steadily grown to its present-day enrollment of approximately 1,780 undergraduates and 2,700 graduate students, and a current enrollment of 2,250 online-learning students worldwide.

Stevens first approached mapformation in the Fall of 2006, inquiring about our firm’s 3D perspective campus mapping services. After over one year of periodic discussions, mapformation was hired to develop a new 3D perspective campus map for the institution in December 2007. Finished maps were delivered in March 2008.

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