Sill Indoor Media City/Area Map

Sill Indoor Media

Sill Indoor Media (SIM) is the latest advancement in indoor advertising. Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area, SIM works with clients to utilize state-of-the-art graphic displays to deliver promotional messages to select target audiences. SIM displays are strategically placed in high pedestrian traffic areas throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul markets. These displays catch the attention of executives, business owners, upscale consumers and tourists in restaurants, sports bars, skyways and malls. This dynamic, eye-catching advertising medium provides the perfect opportunity to get your message out, build your brand, amplify visibility and bring your message to the forefront of your consumer’s mind.

Sill Indoor Media approached mapformation in the Spring of 2004 in effort to develop a map of client locations within the Minneapolis Saint Paul metropolitan area. Finished artwork was delivered in the Spring of 2004.

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