Pedestrian Studies City/Area MapPedestrian Studies City/Area Map

Pedestrian Studies

Since 1991, Peter Bruce at Community Enhancement and Pedestrian Studies has conducted more than forty Downtown Pedestrian Counts, traffic projection studies, shopper intercept studies, retail recruitment brochures and traffic-shaping projects. Property owners, business owners, business districts and city governments are his typical clients.

Peter Bruce has the distinction of being the first-ever formal client of our firm! Peter and Derek Tonn met at a workshop at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1999 and got to talking about our mutual interests in community development and mapping. Out of those discussions came a request for Derek to develop several maps for Peter’s pedestrian studies work, and "mapformation" was officially born! Our firm has completed dozens of projects for Peter over the years, and he is a true joy to work with.

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