Nashua Community College Interior Diagrams

Nashua Community College

Since 1970, the Nashua Community College has been successfully meeting the educational needs of the Greater Nashua, New Hampshire area. The four buildings contain thirty-one general classrooms, twenty-five program-specific classrooms and laboratories, the Academic Success Center, the Advising Center, the Wellness Center, the Peterson Library, auditorium/lecture hall, administrative and faculty offices, the Maintenance Department, cafeteria and bookstore. Spaces for more then 500 vehicles offer convenient parking with spaces for handicapped persons. The College is located on the City bus line and is approximately three miles from downtown Nashua.

Nashua Community College became a client of mapformation in June 2016, after periodic discussions concerning the development of new floor diagrams for the institution. Finished artwork will be provided to Nashua Community College in the Summer of 2016.

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