Minnesota State Fair 2D Perspective MapMinnesota State Fairgrounds Map

Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is a financially self-supporting quasi-state agency. The annual production of the State Fair, along with all improvements and maintenance of the 320-acre State Fairgrounds, are financed exclusively through revenue produced by the State Fair’s year-round operations and contributions from the State Fair Foundation. The State Fair has received no public money of any kind since 1949.

mapformation, LLC staff approached the Minnesota State Fair in the Spring of 2008 to inquire about the potential for upgrading the Fairgrounds Map handed out to event attendees. mapformation co-owners Derek and Becky Tonn had been attending the Minnesota State Fair for decades (as life-long residents of Minnesota), and thought an improved map would be a nice way to give a little back for years of enjoyment we had experienced. Finished artwork was delivered in July 2008.

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