Milton Hershey School

Milton Hershey School is a cost-free, private, coeducational school in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They offer state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology and hundreds of extracurricular activities. Milton and Catherine Hershey established the school in 1909 to provide a positive, structured home life year-round to help children gain the skills to be successful in all aspects of life. Today, nearly 2,000 students from across the United States attend Milton Hershey School. They have access to unique award-winning programs, experienced teachers and caring adult mentors.

Milton Hershey School became a client of mapformation in October 2014, after a series of conversations about a 3D vector map illustration project, along with an interactive solution with our partner nuCloud. Finished artwork will be delivered in the Winter of 2014-2015.

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