Luther Seminary 3D Perspective Campus MapLuther Seminary 2D Perspective Campus MapLuther Seminary City/Area MapLuther Seminary Floor Diagrams

Luther Seminary

Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Luther Seminary provides one-third of the pastors and an increasing number of lay professionals in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA); leaders of many global Lutheran churches are Luther Seminary graduates. Luther has an enrollment of roughly 750 students from 27 countries.

Luther Seminary contacted mapformation in July 2002, shortly after discussing some potential map and diagram projects through our mutual involvement in the Association of Collegiate Conference and Event Directors – International. mapformation was hired in the Fall of 2002 to develop a new 3D perspective campus map for the institution, as well as a series of 20 building interior diagrams. Completed map and diagrams projects were delivered in the Winter of 2002-2003. In the Summer of 2003, mapformation was also hired to design new 2D perspective campus maps for the institution.

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