Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 3D Perspective Campus Map

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis is located just a short distance away from downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and adjacent to White River State Park, IUPUI is home to over 28,000 students hailing from over 125 countries from around the world.

mapformation was contacted by IUPUI after they received a promotional mailing that was part of a large print campaign that we launched in the Spring of 2003. IUPUI was particularly interested in developing a 3D perspective campus map that would help to depict its proximity to downtown Indianapolis, as well as illustrate a large amount of new construction that was taking place on campus at that time. Finished artwork was delivered in June 2003, and mapformation has subsequently been asked to maintain the maps for IUPUI since the project’s initial completion. We also were asked to include roughly 13 buildings that had not yet been constructed in the finished maps…by far the largest amount of "future construction" ever included on a single map by our firm.

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