Southwest Transitway Southwestern Route, Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)Southwest Transitway Route C, Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)Southwest Transitway Route A, Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

Hennepin County, Minnesota

Hennepin County was established by the Territorial Legislature of Minnesota in 1852, six years before Minnesota became a state. It forms part of one of the nation’s major metropolitan areas which ranks sixteenth in the nation in population, and it is the largest of Minnesota’s 87 counties in budget, in estimated market value, and in population with almost a quarter of the state’s population. The City of Minneapolis is its largest city and the county seat. There are 567 miles of county roads and highways, 187 county bridges, and 200 lakes larger than 10 acres.

Hennepin County became a client of mapformation late in the Summer of 2006 after a sub-contractor of theirs asked us to help design professional-quality maps of a proposed light rail line in the county known as the Southwest Transitway. Finished map artwork was delivered in October 2006.

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