Camp Wilderness Boy Scouts Camp 3D Perspective Map

Hedberg Maps

Hedberg Maps was born out of their love of well-made maps. Tom and Jennifer Hedberg founded Latitudes Map and Travel Store in 1987 as a place for those who love to travel and explore. Nat Case joined the store in 1991 and they soon made their first map, The Lakes District of Minneapolis. Nat moved to Vermont in 1993, and in 1994 Hedberg Maps was spun off as a separate company, with Nat leading their production offices in White River Junction, VT. In 2000, production offices moved back to Minneapolis, where they make their maps today in the historic, arts-filled Northrup King Building.

Hedberg Maps and mapformation have always been "friendly competitors," referring prospective clients and projects to one another when we’re either too busy with other projects or a very-specific skill set is required to complete an illustration. We’ve collaborated on several projects in the past, and the design(s) shared on this page are just a small sample of our efforts.

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