Group 3 Aviation Cartoon-Style Map of Anchorage, Alaska

Group 3 Aviation

Group 3 Aviation is an FAA approved 141 flight training facility and an FAA approved Part 135 executive charter service. Their Los Angeles, California (USA) helicopter school offers a wide variety of helicopter and airplane services, which include flight training in Schweizer 300 CBi’s, Robinson R22’s and R44’s, Cessna 152’s and 172’s. Their fleet of helicopters and airplanes are maintained by the finest, most experienced rotorcraft and fixed wing mechanics in the industry.

Group 3 Aviation became a client of mapformation in January 2011, after approaching our firm to discuss the development a cartoon-style map of Anchorage, Alaska, then eventually deciding to also have us do a similar map design of Los Angeles, California as well. Finished artwork will be delivered in February 2011.

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