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Go Rentals

Go Rentals was founded in 1995 as Go Rent-A-Van by two brothers, Kaye and Kavous Gitibin. They saw a need in the marketplace for passenger vans. They opened in a small, one room office in Newport Beach carrying eight vans in their fleet. In 1997 they saw the popularity of SUV’s and decided to increase their fleet and added SUV’s to the mix. This was quickly turning into a full-fledged rental car company. In 2000, the Gitibin brothers added a second location in Anaheim, California. With the addition of the Anaheim location, Go Rent-A-Van began servicing hotels. In 1999, Go Rent-A-Van began servicing some of the private planes that landed at the Orange County Airport (SNA) and in 2003 they became the car rental company for the Newport Jet Center. This was the turning point in the company which separated them from the rest. During that same year, they also changed their name from Go Rent-A-Van to Go Rentals. In 2006 the company added new locations in Palm Springs and Scottsdale. In 2007 they opened Aspen and Santa Monica; with Las Vegas in 2008 and Van Nuys in 2009. Currently, the company has seven locations and carries vehicles including small cars, SUV’s, vans, luxury models and even hybrids. Go Rentals services many five star hotels and over thirty airports.

Staff at Go Rentals contacted mapformation in the Winter of 2007-2008 to inquire about the development of new city/area map designs for Santa Monica, CA and Los Angeles, CA, and hired our firm shortly thereafter. Finished artwork was delivered in March 2008.

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