Emory University Campus Shuttle Service Map

Emory University

On December 10, 1836, the Georgia state legislature granted a charter to Emory College, named for the young Methodist bishop John Emory, from Maryland.. Not until two years after the chartering would the College open its doors, and on September 17, 1838, the College’s first president, Ignatius Alphonso Few, and three other faculty members welcomed fifteen freshmen and sophomores. From its very humble beginnings, Emory University has grown into the largest private employer within the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area and on of the finest universities in the Southeastern United States, with a student enrollment of 12,000.

Emory University became a client of mapformation in July 2006. After discussing potential projects for approximately six weeks, our firm was hired to develop a handful of different items for the institution. The terms of our contractual agreement prohibit our firm, however, from disclosing the exact nature of those ongoing projects.

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