Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University is located in historic Ypsilanti, about 10 miles east of Ann Arbor, 40 miles west of Detroit and just 20 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. It is an area rich in academic, research, technological and recreational resources. The University also has sites in Livonia, Jackson, Traverse City, Flint, Detroit and Monroe. EMU’s 800 plus-acre campus of scenic flora and wooded areas includes 18 miles of walkways and jogging trails and has 122 buildings throughout the academic and athletic campuses. Eagle Crest – Eastern Michigan’s conference center, golf course and resort – is located on the banks of nearby Ford Lake.

Eastern Michigan University became a client of mapformation in August of 2005, after North Illustrations in Marion, Iowa became a part of our firm’s overall map offerings. It was the final “independent” mapping client of North Illustrations. We are hopeful that our firm will be able to work with EMU to keep this map graphic current for many years to come, as well as provide additional mapping services.

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