College of Wooster 2D Perspective MapCollege of Wooster 3D Perspective Map

College of Wooster

The College of Wooster is a diverse, supportive, unpretentious community of learners where students can be themselves, discover and pursue their passions, and forge lifelong bonds with faculty, coaches, staff, and one another that enrich their experience and sustain the College’s tradition of excellence.

Wooster offers an excellent, comprehensive liberal education, culminating in a rigorous, in-depth senior project of inquiry or creative expression, called Independent Study. By working one-on-one in partnership with a faculty adviser to conceive, organize and complete this project on a topic of his or her own choosing, every Wooster student develops abilities valued by employers and graduate schools alike: initiative, self-confidence, independent judgment, creative problem solving, and strong written and oral communication skills.

The College of Wooster became a client of mapformation in October 2010, after approaching our firm to discuss the development of 2D and 3D perspective campus maps. Finished artwork was delivered in the Spring of 2010.

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