Canadian Mennonite University 3D Perspective Campus MapCanadian Mennonite University Area Map

Canadian Mennonite University

Canadian Mennonite University is an innovative degree-granting Christian university in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Building upon over 50 years of Mennonite higher education, CMU was chartered by the Province of Manitoba in 1998 to combine the resources of three colleges: Canadian Mennonite Bible College, Concord College and Menno Simons College. Today, CMU operates as one institution, offering a variety of degrees and choice of educational settings.

mapformation was contacted by CMU in the Summer of 2004 after receiving a referral from Stamats, Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The institution had never previously developed a campus map depicting its new “combined” campus, and hired mapformation to develop a new 3D perspective campus map of the property. The map included a depiction of a new residential facility that was in its very early stages of construction and, per a recommendation from mapformation, a basic city/area map of the Winnipeg metropolitan area was developed for the finished piece as well.

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