Big Bend Community College 3D Perspective Campus Map

Big Bend Community College

Big Bend Community College is strategically located to provide post secondary education to a large, sparsely populated region of Washington State. The BBCC service district encompasses all of Grant and Adams counties and the Odessa School District in Lincoln County. Located in Moses Lake, Washington and covering a rural area of 4,600-square-miles, BBCC provides services to 15 primary communities with population characteristics that are common barriers to obtaining higher education (low educational attainment and low socioeconomic status.)

BBCC became a client of mapformation in September 2009, after asking our firm to submit an RFP response for the development of a new campus map. Our firm was selected as the vendor of choice for the project, and subsequently developed a 3D perspective vector campus map for the institution. Finished artwork was delivered in March 2010.

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