Bemidji State University 2D Perspective Campus Map

Bemidji State University

Founded as Bemidji Normal School in 1919, Bemidji State University now hosts more than 5,300 undergraduate and graduate students. Located on the western shore of Lake Bemidji, their north woods campus environment reminds them daily of the need to be in tune with their world. Similarly, the American Indian culture of their region beckons them to begin their global journey by understanding their past as they prepare for the future.

Bemidji State University became a client of mapformation in August 2013, when mapformation co-owner and CEO Derek Tonn contacted the institution after spending a bit of time in Bemidji with his youngest daughter. A brief visit on campus, as well as a bit of research on the existing map illustrations provided by the institution, lead Derek to contact BSU. Only to learn that their decision-maker on the campus already brought one of our promotional brochures with him from a previous job in higher education (music to our ears)! Finished artwork will be delivered in the Fall of 2013.

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