MFA (Minnesota Frisbee Association) – Calendar of Upcoming Events

Minnesota Frisbee Association

Founded in 1975, the Minnesota Frisbee Association (MFA) is Minnesota’s oldest statewide disc club. It’s mission is to promote disc sports: Ultimate, Freestyle, and Disc Golf, as well as any other sports that involve flying discs. Players of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join the organization and its members in fun and rewarding sports. (They are one of the most active disc golf organizations in the country). The MFA’s events are aimed toward getting new players involved, and we always stress having a good time more than the competition.

The Minnesota Frisbee Association has been a "volunteer" client of mapformation since approximately the Spring of 2008, as our Founder and CEO, Derek Tonn, has been actively involved in contributing to the activities and mission of the organization.

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