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  1. Derek Tonn says:

    The University of St. Thomas is the second client our firm ever had, and they are the primary reason we survived our first 12-18 months as a new business.

    Jerry Anderley in their Physical Plant was a colleague of mine at St. Thomas prior to our launching mapformation in June 2000. And when I told him I was leaving the institution, Jerry asked “what are you going to do?” When I told him, Jerry said “I’ve been looking for someone who could help me with that type of work for quite a while now…how about you help us create new maps and floor diagrams for our Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses?” And not only that, but due to fiscal year budgetary issues, Jerry also asked if it would be okay if they paid for 100% of the work in advance!

    That was enough cashflow to get us through our first 12+ months as a company…while we slowly worked to get other higher education institutions to put their faith/trust in us as well.

    If you like mapformation and the work we do, thank Jerry Anderley and the University of St. Thomas! As without his/their early faith, trust, and support, it is likely that we wouldn’t have made it to become what we are today.

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