I want a map like this
  1. Derek Tonn says:

    “My cartographic illustrations are reminiscent of the timeless birds-eye-view map styles that date back to the 1500s,” says map illustrator Michael Karpovage of Mapformation LLC. “When you unfold our new Skidaway Island 3D map to its full 18×27″ poster, the artwork draws you in like a magnet because of the oblique angle perspective. You instantly see the big picture: a richly illustrated landscape showing key landmarks, historical and natural sites, pictorial icons and a smattering of textual factoids that capture the history and character of the island. From Spartina grass and tidal waters in the surrounding marshlands to live oaks and lagoons in the forests, we wanted to accurately portray the essence of Skidaway’s terrain. This level of detail, texture, and color variation can only be rendering by hand, never captured in an aerial photo. It’s how these types of maps are so engrossing and stand the test of time.”

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