Minnesota Frisbee Association

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Information on all upcoming sanctioned tournaments and unsanctioned tournaments occurring within the State of Minnesota can be located here.
red = sanctioned event, and/or MST event, and/or MDS event (add an event)
blue = unsanctioned event (add an event)
I want a map like this
  1. Derek Tonn says:

    This was one of the most difficult interactive maps that I have ever developed, as it integrates two Google Drive spreadsheets which are populated with data via tournament directors submitting event information in a number of fields, via Google Forms. Now that it’s complete, however, it is remarkable how much easier it is to see where upcoming events will be occurring, not to mention administering the calendar (which formerly had to be done manually, with me re-entering all of the event information that “TDs” said needed to be entered).

    My hope is that other disc golf organizations, civic groups, facility managers, and event planners could utilize this same model to publicize events in their own community/region. Google Maps mashups, timemap.js, and other resources that go into making this calendar work are all free to use! I could help other organizations develop similar calendars, only billing for the hours I need to spend building forms, customizing code, et al (so things work on their websites).

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