mapformation illustrator Rad Smith developed this series of 40 building and landmark illustrations throughout the City of San Francisco, California, USA over a few month period in 2011. The building depictions were created as 3D perspective vector illustrations, limited to no more than 60 minutes of effort per-illustration. mapformation, LLC retains copyright to these illustrations, so if any parties were interested in obtaining the right to use of some/all of the depictions, feel free to contact us to inquire about this opportunity.
I want a map like this
  1. Felicity Barbur says:
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    My name is Felicity Barbur and I am an architectural masters student at the University College London. I am doing a research project for my thesis on Pier 39 and am interest in your illustration of the concourse done by Rad Smith. I am looking for plans or a 3d model of the pier and this is the closest I have come! Currently I am drawing if from scratch, but I would like to be more accurate and I am running out of time! I have been in contact with the Pier adminstration also. They have given me some scanned lease plans as they do not have copies of the model as it was outsourced. Please could you help me and share the model that would have been made to make this illustration. I would be more than happy to pay for it, however I am student so please bare this in mind. Thank you again,
    Felicity +447810186955

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