Who owns the copyright to the artwork that is developed?

Our clients do, with two very important qualifications. First, the fees that have been mutually agreed upon by mapformation and our clients must be paid in-full before mapformation will officially turn over copyright to the completed artwork. We rarely have difficulty in having clients pay their invoices on time! However, the one bit of "protection" we build into every agreement for those few clients who do not pay their invoices in a timely manner is the fact that our clients do not officially own the work until it has been paid for in-full. The second important qualification relates to mapformation retaining the right to use copies of the artwork in effort to promote our services to prospective clients. We essentially are obtaining written authorization from our clients to utilize copies of the artwork in print and electronic form for self-promotional purposes when our clients agree to that type of terminology on our bids, estimates and contractual agreements. It's harmless language to our clients, but is VERY important to our firm...since the quality and depth of our portfolio is EVERYTHING when it comes to promoting our services to future clients.

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