Who maintains the map after the initial design work is complete?

That decision that is completely up to our clients. They can maintain the images themselves. They can hire mapformation to maintain the imagery for them. They can even hire a third party to maintain the maps for them if they so choose (though we hope that is not the case)! Our firm is obviously hoping that we will be able to develop long-term, fruitful relationships with all of our clients, and we enjoy having the opportunity to maintain the maps we have created in perpetuity! However, this is a decision that is completely up to our clients. Roughly half of our clients choose to have us maintain all aspects of the imagery we have developed, while 80-85 percent of our clients will have us perform at least "major" updates as changes occur. Specifically related to hand-rendered map artwork, the number of clients that choose to have us maintain their graphics for them is just-under one hundred percent.

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