What type of reference materials are typically needed to complete this type of project?

The key piece of information needed from our clients to effectively complete a 3D perspective campus mapping project are good, high-resolution (and reasonably current) oblique aerial photographs depicting at least 85-90+ percent of the property to be mapped from the same elevation and direction that our clients wish to see depicted in their finished campus maps. If our clients do not have access to reasonably-current oblique aerial photographs of their property, we can also arrange for these services with our aerial photography partners on their behalf. Costs will depend upon location and the amount of urgency required in completing a photo shoot. However, we have generally seen photography fees of between $750 and $1,000 US for a majority of the aerial photography work we have had done in the United States. In addition to oblique aerial photography, we also generally like to receive copies of a property's site plan, along with any previous examples of campus maps for the property that we can obtain, as that provides us access to a very efficient method of ensuring a very accurate finished-product. Site plans are usually available from an institution's Physical Plant, Facilities Department or Campus Architect. mapformation would also use several of its satellite imagery resources, as well as other mapping resources as reference.

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