What does it typically cost to develop this style of map?

Costs for these particular styles of map design can vary widely...from several hundred or a few thousand dollars (US) to $20,000+ (US). In order to accurately and effectively price cartoon-style map designs, we need our clients to provide us with information on four particular subjects: 1. Well-defined project boundaries (North, South, East, West), which helps us have a clear understanding of the size/scope of any job. 2. Level of detail desired. Knowing whether you are looking for only a few dozen buildings/landmarks being drawn in a recognizable manner versus needing literally hundreds or thousands of buildings/landmarks being drawn accurately, in a recognizable form, helps us to understand the number of hours that will be involved to produce a completed design. We also would need to know how many types of human/animal characters you might desire for the project (even a rough estimate or a simple comparison to what you see in our portfolio or on other web sites), as well as if you need us to create any specific new/unique characters for the finished design. 3. Quality of reference materials available. For most bird's eye/oblique types of aerial illustrations, we tend to work using high-resolution aerial photography as our primary reference materials. If, however, this type of information is not available, we can make arrangements to obtain aerial photos and/or discuss other available reference materials that might be available. Quality of reference materials though can have a huge impact on overall design time and project costs. 4. Desired completion date. If what you need will end up being more of a "rush-job," we might need to charge a bit of a premium to cover all of the evening/weekend work that our designers will need to invest in order to meet those dates for final deliverables.

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